Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going with Golf...

Going with the golfing theme...this is an Earth Art project by students at Cornell University from 2008. They completed it on a golf course and I think this fits much more obviously into the Earth Art category than my own picture! My favorite part of this piece is that they included local kids to complete it. Students from a Montessori school made the ribbon pinwheel for the blossom.

Source: http://remarc.com/craig/?p=382


  1. This is beautiful! I'm glad you included that they incorporated help from local kids. Knowing that the vision of this earth art came to life thanks to the time and energy and manual labor of many different people makes it come to life and be that much more meaningful.

  2. It is very nice to see the idea that golf courses can be decorative instead of just taking up large amounts of space.

    What is funny though, is that this is reminiscent of ancient earth art pieces such as the Nazca lines which could one day be mistaken for something more curious.