Friday, October 22, 2010

final project ideas

I want to do a project that involves my body in a very physical way, in some sort of process. I am not sure yet whether I want to complete a process or only begin one to continue on later. I know I have a few ideas, including:

speaking to the tension of being a mother and a lover,
the tension between (wo)man and earth,
that between mother and child,
as the child is so primal and I am so separate from the earth,
yet I teach her to separate herself as well (or will she end up teaching me?),
and the tension between being considered as kin to the earth as a woman and whether that really holds true,
and I am also interested in exploring transitions in the stages of Earth, like the seasons, because I see these transitions as fairly significant shifts that could speak to the tensions I am concerned with and how one might overcome them or at least unpack them somewhat.
I am very interested in cyclic patterns that, for me, speak to an order and a completion to the chaos. even where there are tensions and transitions in us and the earth, I believe things do complete a process and often (usually) begin anew.

I want to comment on many of these things (though that may not be possible in one piece) and I want to do so as simply and concisely as I can with my body and the earth. I am hoping to develop a statement on the tensions I am experiencing and a (dis?)connection to the earth, again, in as simple a manner as possible. I am considering the position of the body and things like clothing seem important to catching the mood. I have considered ideas like pictures recording my daughter nursing while we lay in the grass, or encircling her with my body in some material (I am not sure what- dirt, grass, sand, water, etc). Maybe something else will strike me as I go out exploring. I will probably have to do it in my yard if I wear few clothes and I will likely choose a location otherwise based on the material that seems suited to what I ultimately hope to say.


  1. This artist's work, especially her earlier work was about just this (Facebook link):

    I will post some of her images on my blog also ...

  2. Your ideas are great - those first few comparisons of mother and child/earth etc! When you do the piece (and I think it is a great idea to consider it ongoing because of changes of seasons) do not hold back - remember, its all washable!